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Our Equipment

Relying on over a hundred years of combined experience and a fleet of civil equipment, Centerfire’s management team aggressively sought out key site maintenance and pipeline clearing projects and quickly added additional dozers, excavators, graders and tandem dump trucks to our inventory, expanding our fleet by over a dozen machines in the first six months alone. In our second year we augmented our inventory again with another addition of major equipment and trucks, and in our third, Centerfire expanded the equipment for our clearing operations.

We recognized this decisive pattern of selective machinery acquisition as the most practical method to ensure we never wavered from our client commitment that every project would be completed on time and on budget.

Centerfire has a complete line of contracting equipment to help us provide superior and quality services to our clients and their projects. If you would to review a comprehensive list of our equipement, please use on online form located in the Contact Us section and we would be more than happy to forward this information directly to you.