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Our Services

With growth, of course, comes responsibility, and as Centerfire's existing clients and future contracts demanded greater and more diverse capabilities, we were compelled to meet and exceed those demands. As our right-of-way clearing and core-hole programs attained significant growth, new opportunities developed for Centerfire to undertake Master Services Agreements at major plant sites in the Fort McMurray area. These agreements place Centerfire in the position of providing comprehensive site maintenance for the plants, encompassing a total scope of services from road grading and snow removal to environment cleanup and erosion control.

Equally important to our clients is Centerfire's consistent ability to supply highly qualified process area personnel. Each of our crew members have been expertly trained in a range of site maintenance operations in addition to their individual areas of expertise, allowing daily functions to remain entirely flexible as circumstances dictate.

At Centerfire, we have made it a priority to identify and target specific new services that will be of substantial benefit to our clients. Centerfire has also assembled a fluid transport division, purchasing new vehicles and equipment for the supply and transfer of both potable and gray water. In addition, we have phased in Vac trucks to round out this aspect of our client services. Being able to anticipate early on the future needs and requirements of our clients, and initiating concerted efforts to expand our range of capabilities before our clients even request them, places Centerfire on the leading edge of key services providers in our industry.

Centerfire is a heavy equipment contractor supplying services in the Fort McMurray area. We work to support various activities for oil-sands related projects. Please click the link below to see a list of our services.

Click here for our Services List:

1. Heavy/Light Civil Work
- Site preparation
- Underground installation
- Tank foundations
- Pad construction
- Road and lease construction
- Reclamation

2. Excavation / Grading
- Common excavation
- Backfilling
- Compaction
- Final grading

3. Site Maintenance
- Snow plowing/removal
- Road sanding
- Access road maintenance
- Dust control
- Dewatering services
- Equipment refueling
- Carpentry
- Equipment maintenance and support
- Labour crews

4. Environmental Assignments
- Metal sheraing and removal
- Remediation
- Spill cleanups
- Removal of toxic materials
- Garbage maintenance & removal

5. Right-of-Way and Clearing
- Prelogging
- Salvage haul
- Mulching
- Burning

6. Fluid Hauling & Supply
- Water delivery - potable & non-potable
- Fluid pickup - Trivac / Semi-vac service