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Social Responsibility

Centerfire's diversity furnishes our clients with a comprehensive selection of services that would mean little if not for the outstanding quality of our people. We take significant pride in training our crew members with the expertise to operate a variety of machines and drive a range of trucks in addition to their other practical skills. This ongoing process not only advances the abilities of the individual employee, but also builds Centerfire's depth of knowledge, and fosters our industry's standards on the whole. Avoiding the common practice of layoffs and rehires, Centerfire strives to sustain uninterrupted project momentum, ensuring continuous work for our people.

The vast majority of Centerfire's employees live in the immediate area and, as a proud member of the NAABA (Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association) we are thoroughly committed to hiring employees from the local aboriginal workforce. Our pool of aboriginal crew members contributes a wealth of divergent skills and trades to the services offered by Centerfire, and the future of our company will be tied to the employment, training and maintenance of the best that the local aboriginal community has to offer.